Why Freedom Lifestyle Is for Exceptional People


All this while, I’ve been trying to look for the word that best describe the kind people who chose to follow their path and live a freedom lifestyle.

And in case you’re, perhaps, wondering what it means to live a freedom lifestyle, here’s the simplest definition ever.

Freedom lifestyle is simply to follow your own path, do what you are most passionate about, and at the same time make a difference in the lives of other.

Yes it’s as simple as that. And that’s exactly what this blog is created for. To give you insight on how to live a freedom lifestyle.

So as I was brainstorming on the perfect word to best describe this people, the word “smart” came into my mind.

Which I wrote out this way;

“freedom lifestyle for smart people”.

But, sincerely I wasn’t really satisfied with the word. Because anybody can be smart, in fact the number of smart people we have is more than enough.

Besides, I don’t like the word “smart”. I don’t like using the word and I don’t even like people to using the word to define me.

Because I always have this thought that smart people always see other people as being stupid or fool.

They always fight to get ahead, to get everything they want, and never minding to make another person feel stupid.

Therefore, I automatically deleted the word from the list.

Another word that pumped into my mind was the word “wise”.

It would have perfectly fit in, but I just don’t feel the urge to use it. It doesn’t give me the exact meaning I wanted.

I know there should be a perfect word somewhere in the dictionary.

So, magically (because I can’t recall how it happened again), the word “exceptional” slipped into my mind, and I decided to check the actual meaning up from the dictionary.

To my surprise, the word has more than one meaning, but these two definitions gave the exact description of what I’ve been looking for.

The word “exceptional” could mean; unusual, rarity.

And it could also mean; deviation from general rule. Or not conforming to the norms.

So how does these correlate to living a freedom lifestyle?

Let’s see how.

Deviation from general rule

The first rule to living a freedom lifestyle is never to follow the crowd. This people don’t do what every body else is doing.

And this is the essential quality that makes up an exceptional man.

If you look at your environment, two things are happening.

Everyone is doing the same thing, and everyone is competing.

This is happening everywhere. In the school, on the street, at work, I  mean, just name it.

And the rate of unemployment keep rising like a plane that’s about taking off.

Thousands of students are graduating every year, but thousands of jobs aren’t created every year.

Yet graduates finished from school looking for jobs all around, because they thought it’s the normal thing to do, and it’s what everyone expected them to do.

They prefer to rather strive to get a job than to create their own business, even when given a startup.

Therefore, it takes the exceptional mind to deviate from this norm, to follow his own path, and to create his own empire.

This people know, that the rule is to create, and never to compete.


It’s so funny when everyone knows the right way, and only a few are actually following the right direction.

And also, It’s so funny when you hear, for instance, an employee complaining about his job, to extent that you started having pity for him.

And at the end, you ask him, ” sir, why can’t you just resign and leave the job?”

I’m very sure you won’t want to look at his face because you’re not going to like the way he’s going to look at you.

So the thing is, many people just don’t mind the direction in which their life is heading.  They’re just okay as long as they are receiving salary.

Yet they sit down complaining and expecting someone else to do the right thing for them.

That’s why freedom lifestyle isn’t just for anybody. It’s for the exceptional people.

So, that’s how the name, “freedom lifestyle for exceptional people”, came to live.

And anybody can be exceptional. Regardless of whether you go to school or not. Inasmuch you can read this, nothing should stop you from thinking for yourself and following your own path.

We don’t need people complaining about the weather. Not anymore.

We don’t need people who say they’re jobless because government refused to provide enough employment opportunities. That doesn’t sell either.

And we don’t need noise makers. It has never worked out that way.

All we need are action takers.

Exceptional people.

You can be, if you’re ready to choose yourself. Let’s do this together.

Though following your path could be overwhelming, but not as hard as you thought of it.

The only thing you’ll ever regret is the time you’ve wasted following the crowd.

In the next post, I will be sharing with you in detail on how to be exceptional and start living a freedom lifestyle.

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