Who Says You Don’t Have a Talent?

Who Say You Don't Have a Talent?

What if I ask you, “what talent have you?” Or “what does talent mean to you?”

Obviously majority of people I’ve come in contact with always find this question difficult to answer. Some will boldly say, “I don’t think I have any”, even though they did have. While others will tell you what talent theirs is, but with a tone of doubt; trying to prevent not to look awful saying nothing.

The truth is, there isn’t anyone without talent. But the problem is, majority of us think talent is limited to sport, singing, dancing, acting, and the likes. So people simply concluded that they are not talented because they can’t do all those aforementioned. Whereas, talent can be anything. Just anything. Only that we are too busy to focus within to recognize what talent we possess.

The reason I’m making emphasis on talent recognition is that, success comes easily when you are engaged in doing what you love. Meanwhile, building a career around your talent will not only bring to you more happiness, but also more success. And instead of depending your entire life upon your certificate, searching aimlessly to secure a job, you will have something gracious to lean on.

Majority believe that talent is the natural ability to do something. Meanwhile, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t possess this talent: we all have an inborn ability to do somethings. Everybody. Only left for us to figure it out.

For the fact that it is an in-born ability, talent can be discovered in quite number of ways; it could be built from what you enjoy doing (hobby) or what you are most passionate about, it might require careful self-study, or sometimes happen by accident.

If you however say you’re not talented, that simply means you’re not paying attention.

Talent can be anything. Talking or having a good command for grammar can alone be a talent. And these could however vary from one individual to another. “But how can an ordinary talking be a talent?” If you may ask.

See I want you to first understand one thing about talent; nobody is talented without going through hell, forget about it being natural, it takes continuous practice and nurturing. And no talent goes on its own, it always accompanied with it different skills to make it a whole. If you are good in one thing, you must be good in another.

For someone whose hobby is talking and love cracking jokes, turns to a comedian. The thing is, just take along with it something you are most passionate about. Let say you love writing; the next thing is to ask yourself what is it I’m most passionate to write about. If the two or more attachments are combined, it makes a whole. Your homework is just to know the field that best fit your talent, so as to know what skills to attach.

The failure to recognize what talent you’ve got, how to make useful of it, or what field that best fit isn’t the problem, these days people tend to build on the wrong talent trying to imitate other talented people. Though I don’t see anything wrong trying to have role model, most are doing this on the wrong course. They tend to imitate other talented people because of their fame and reputation.

Everybody want to sing, act, play football, or become a superstar in one way or the other, but not everyone has that talent. We all want to be rich and famous, but we can only become whatever we want to be only if we can concentrate on what we are passionate about. No matter how stupid it could be, inasmuch it’s something that could change the world.

Most talent evolve from what we love doing; something we are most passionate about. So don’t sit listing all the existing talents to see which one you love, this isn’t a course to study in the university. Forget about that.

Just look within, study yourself, discover what you love doing; something that brings you happiness. Stick to it, nurture it, make it grow, look for field that best fit it, attach some other skills to it, look for a role model, and practice, practice, and practice.

So let me now ask you once again; “What talent have you?” or perhaps you still need more time to figure it out?

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