What My 4 Years Old Personal Journal Will Teach You About Writing and Creativity

old journal


I just met someone few days ago; she used to be a writer while she was in primary school.

In fact she’s more than just a writer, she’s also an artist and a storyteller. She would draw and keep telling anyone who would listen to the story behind every of are drawings.

She even shared with me one of her artworks; it was a portrait of a baby she drew more than ten years ago. Though she also wished she could share with me some of her stories she also wrote more than ten years ago, it was so unfortunate that she couldn’t find them anymore.

Now, here comes the problem. She’s lost her creativity. Her potential for writing, drawing, and story telling are all gone. And now she’s looking for ways to regain them back, but doesn’t know where to start from.

The funniest thing she said, was that her writing style is outdated. That all she knew how to do then was to write a story starting with “once upon a time”. And that no one would want to read those kind of stories in this present time anymore.

Well that wasn’t my first time hearing this kind of a story. In fact I was once in that same shoe before.

So, last night I was checking through my four-year-old journal when I saw those articles I wrote, and which were actually talking about my experience and the challenges I faced as a wanna-be-writer. They were definitely written four years ago.

Seriously, I couldn’t believe I wrote them myself; the articles were well constructed; meanwhile, I used to have this thought, then, that my writing is bad.

Reading through those articles, I found them really helpful. However, it got me thinking there are many people out there, those who want to unleash their potentials, but don’t know how and where to start, who can benefit from this old journal of mine.

Though I’m not giving it out as it was written four years ago. I’ve been doing some revisions, and trying to break them down for more elucidation and better comprehension. Which will therefore come out in parts: one part per week till the final part is reached.

Here are some of the interesting things to expect.

I will explain to you how the thought, “I want to become a writer ” slipped into my mind, and how I’ve been going around with it, and without knowing exactly what to do and where to begin.

How I’ve always been an enemy to my own creativity. How I’ve been silently killing my own creativity out lack of courage, and due to one silly habit I cultivated at that time. And why I started a journal.

The journey towards finding my purpose. How I always wanted to write, but don’t know why, or exactly what to write about it.

The challenges I faced, and how I’ve been searching all over the web for an answer google failed to provide, and that which doesn’t exist. Why I never wanted to believe the hard truth, thinking someday I would find an answer to my question. And how I finally solved my problems on my own.

And so on . . .

Therefore, your own passion or talent might has nothing to do with writing, but I bet this four-year-old journal will motivate you, and get you right back on track regardless of your talents.

But, there’s one thing I want you to realize before the voyage, that nothing is lost; either your creativity, or your potential. You can always have it right back any moment in time. Only if you will to do.

And if you think you don’t have a talent, I will urge you to check out this post¬†as you await for the subsequent posts to come. You will find it very valuable.

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