What Do You Do When You Feel Depressed?


Life can be unfair at times, people might disappoint you, friends might betrayed you, or things might not just workout as you’ve planned, and some of these things might bring you into a depressed state of mind.

It has be reported several times that most habits are formed when people become depressed. And when I say habits, I mean habits that are detriment to your life.

Going to night club, taking alcohol, or hard drugs won’t help the situation. Those things can’t solve your problems. They can only do so for that time they are still in your bloodstream. Meanwhile, they do more damage than cure.

Here’s what you need to do when you’re feeling depressed.

You have to be conscious about what you do and where you go when you’re feeling depressed. If you are not careful enough, this activity usually pave way for bad habits to slip into your bloodstream, take charge of your own live, and. . . which could later ruined it.

Depression is a state of mind which often brings about unhappiness, or loneliness.

Now, it’s your job to find what is it that’s making you unhappy. You might be facing problems at work, at home, or wherever.

Just find out what’s wrong. Solve your own problem. Only you can do that. You can’t escape from it.

However, the best way to do that, is to define your problem.

“Problem defined is half solved”

Go take a pen and sheet of paper right now. Divide the paper into three columns with the heading; “problem”, “cause”, and “solution”.

Write out those things disturbing your state of mind, the cause, and their possible solutions. Then take immediate action and stick to it.

You can never know the magic behind this approach, until you try it for yourself.

When you feel depressed as a result of loneliness, the best thing you could do is to engage yourself to doing something productive that will also bring you happiness.

What have you always wanted to do, learn or know about? Take a class, sign up for yoga, learn a new skill, join a religious group. I mean, just do something craving.
What if you are the type who has already opened door for bad habits to slipped in?

Well, it’s never too late to take action to replace such bad habit. You can always bring back the real you. Just substitute those habits with good habits.

Though, you might not found this very easy, nothing is impossible when you have the burning desire, the will to do, and great determination.

Facts you need to know

  • Nobody has the right to make you feel bad without your own permission.
  • Your attitude is the window through which you see the world. Happiness comes from within.
  • And your action is neither right nor wrong, but the consequences determines which action is right.

And don’t forget the steps

1. Find the source of your problem
2. Define your problem, supported with possible solutions
3. Take immediate action
4. Do something that makes you happy
5. Be grateful of who you are

If you want to live a freedom lifestyle, then you have to be conscious about what you allow into your life.

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