Ten Unique Qualities I Inherited From My Mum Which Help Shaped My Life


Yes, I’ve heard many people say that their mum is the best mum in the world. But they always failed to state exactly those unique qualities that makes their mum so special. Not that they usually don’t have anything to say, but they always say things that naturally qualifies all mums: “my mum is caring, loving, and so on like”. Well to me, all mums are caring and loving.

So today I’m going to tell you not how special my mum is, nor how she’s the best mum in the world, all mums are the best though, but I would rather tell you those unique qualities I inherited from her which has helped and shaped my of life.

I know many would have been thinking why on earth am I dedicating this article to her. Well, to come straight, today is her birthday, and I want to make it a special one for her. All these years, I only write stuff like this for her to read. I will just draft it in a piece of paper and present it to her. But this year’s won’t be for her only to read, but for the whole world.

So now without wasting much of our time, and let’s go straight to those ten unique qualities that makes her so special to me. Though that’s just few of those qualities.

Oh before we continue, I want to call you into the awareness that you will find in this article, that I frequently use the pronoun “I” and “me”, which you might is referring to myself. But the case is different here. I used the pronoun “I” and “me” as a representative of the whole children: myself and my siblings.

So let’s get busy.

Managerial Spirit

When I was young, I used to hate my mum for one thing, and that one is what I now cherish most about her; she always decline whenever I ask her for money, even though I can see enough of them for myself inside her bag. All she would say was, “no money”. But dad, no matter how, he’s going to give me.

But when I’m growing up, I started to realize why she seldom give me money. When I ask her for money, instead for to say no as usual, she would sit me down and started telling me why she can’t give out the money, or what those money are budgeted for, thereof, she would start telling me the importance of  money management. Then I started learning and reasoning with her.

This has helped me in many ways, in fact she trusted me when it comes to monetary issues.

Good Business Skills

She’s a naturally born business woman. She has confidence in herself when it comes to business. I gained a lot staying in her shops right from my younger age up till now.


This is one of the most important qualities I so much loved. You know, children are always fond of forming habit when young. Habits like, licking or sticking out their tongue, bad walking or standing posture and so on.

Then I was fond of leaving my mouth widely open (unknowingly). She would slap me whenever she caught me lost in the act, keep on telling me my teeth will start to stick out if I’m not careful enough, and she would always show me and say, “Matins this is how your teeth will look like(by pointing at people with such) if you are not careful enough”.

However, this started building in me self-consciousness and self-awareness about every of my actions: the way I talk, walk, carry my body and do everything.


This is what I recently discovered about her since all this years without knowing what a great quality character she possess. I was reading a chapter of a book lately about making decisions, and I discovered everything I read was just about her. So I thought how come I didn’t notice this in her all this while.

She’s very sharp at making decisions and extremely slow to change them. She doesn’t want to know if her decision is right or wrong, or what people might think. You can never give my mum what she doesn’t want. She knows what she want, and she always get what she want.


My mum hate being slow and sluggish, especially when you go out with her. I can’t count the number of time she has beaten me for being slow and sluggish, because then I always put swag in everything I do.

She’s very sharp and smart. Not only in the way she do carry her body, but in all ways. I don’t think she ever missed any opportunity, except on her own will.

Well, I love watching the way she do carry her body whenever I’m out with her. It always makes me smile.


If it’s possible, I would rather say she’s an over self confident woman. I don’t think there’s anyone in this world she can’t face or walk up to. She doesn’t care what people may say, or how funny she may sound. The only thing that could provoke her is to try stop her or advise her not to express herself.

Being my mum, she has influenced me in many ways in building my confidence. She would tell me, “there’s nothing anyone can do to you, just be bold and free express yourself”.


Mum can work from morning till night without getting tired. She always want to see the finish line of everything she lay her hands on. She doesn’t see how little she can do, but how much she can do. However this has always makes her achieve success in everything she do.


If you want to tell a lie to mum, be prepare for another 99 lies to back it up, because she will sure find out. Most times I would rather keep quiet than to lie. She made me realized that.

Everyone that has come in contact with my mum knows she’s super intelligent and liberal. She has good eye sight for things, she would do almost everything that is done before her eyes. She has a very sharp brain, she’s a fast learner, and she has a good sense for justice.

My brain is always widely opened whenever I’m out with her, because she can throw a test at me at any point in time about past events, what has just happened, name of a person, a particular place we visited, or some funny questions relating to that. I mean she always wants to ensure I’m always in my present state of mind. And that has positively contributed to my brain development.

Love and Kind

She’s friendly, kind, and always willing to help people.


I don’t know how she instilled in me the heart of contentment. I don’t get freaked out about other people’s properties, instead I appreciate what I have. She made me know and realize that if I’m proud of what I have, people will appreciate and value me. And that nobody is in charge to make me feel inferior about what I have or who I am, except with my own approval.

This is the little I can say about her, because I don’t want dad to start feeling jealous about this.

In conclusion, as they usually say, I would like to say a happy birthday to you mum. And I pray may Allah (swt) grant you and your husband a peace of mind, happiness, wealth, good health, long life and prosperous years in advance.

Love you.

Your Children.

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