Reasons Why School Waste Time: 5 Ways Not to Fall Victim

Many people already know what it is they wanted to become in life, but never do anything to follow their dreams because they think they first have to go to school.

And at the end, after graduation, they feel like they just went to school to waste their time.

I don’t know if this is you, and even if it’s not you, this article will help you avoid having such feelings.

But before we get down to why school might be a waste of time and how to avoid it, let me first share this with you.

I met an old friend last night at the shopping mall; the last I saw him was in the year 2008.

I never knew he could still recognize me with the shade I was putting on.

This guy used to be my classmate back then in high school. And he used to be one of the shortest guys in class. I was so surprised that he’s out grown me.

After exchanging pleasantries, I asked him about life generally. And here’s what he said:

“Since school refused to give me admission,” he replied with self pity on his face, “I decided to venture into branding business.”

He said that because everybody talk about school, and he also thought I was expecting to hear something like that from him.

You know, he did that just to let me know upfront that he didn’t attended university.

Well, it’s because he also doesn’t know my perspection on education; he taught I’m like everyone else who would look at him with the this-guy-don’t-have-a-future look.

But I surprised him with my response. I could see that from his reaction. He try to readjust and focus more on me when I said:

“Going to school is a waste of time if you already know what it is you wanted to do with your live. All you need is English – to build your communication skills.”

“And what I’m doing presently to earn few dough,” I continued, “has nothing to do with what I studied in school.”

At this point, he asked me what I’m actually doing for a living.

I told him I’m into freelance writing, and that I have a personal blog on freedom lifestyle, and I also learn fashion designing during my free time.

And it’s true. Not only that I didn’t learn all that in school, but no school can ever give me such education or skills I have today.

From the way I saw this guy, most especially from our conversation, I could see he’s living okay and he’s earning cool cash. Because we ended up diverting our conversation into business.

We afterwards exchange numbers, and we both say good bye.

What actually gave birth to this topic was as a result of the fact many people think they can’t succeed unless they go school.

Some, like me, even wasted many years doing nothing but seeking admission into higher institution. Thinking they can’t do anything unless they finished from school.

5 Reasons Why School Might Be a Waste of Time

1. It gives you obsolete knowledge

School won’t teach you what you need in really life.

Why do you think many companies will have to unlearn and relearn their new recruits before allowing them to work?

In fact they would state it clearly that you should forget everything you already know, most especially what you were taught in school.

2. It waste your time

Most of your twentysomething years are spent while you’re busy with your academics.

Many would be close to thirty by the time they graduate. And they would be almost forty before they start thinking of having a family.

3. It will never teach you how to make life decisions

In school, there is always a right or wrong answer.

But making life decisions isn’t about been right or wrong, in fact there’s no right or wrong to every answers. it more or less about the consequences.

Because in life, not making a decision is also a decision.

School will tell you that confidence is about been sure of what you know, but it turns out that life is filled with uncertainties.

You’re not always sure about what will happen next.

Life is about having the confidence to choose when you’re uncertain. You get to live with assumption. And you have to keep convincing yourself that you’ve made the best choice.

4. It breeds follower

School will never teach you how to be self-dependent.

Because life is filled with uncertainties, and that unless you try, you can’t find the correct answer to whether a business will succeed or not.

As I’ve said, to take action, you have to assume.

So, many school-breeds avoid trying, because they are not sure. Instead, they follow the safe lane.

That’s why you see them singing the same chorus.

“I’m searching for job.”

Because they are sure something will surely drop into their account at the end of the month.

And because school said, be confident in what you know. That If you have good grades, you will work in a better place.

5. It doesn’t add to your potential capital

Apart from the obsolete knowledge, and certificate of completion, nothing more.

You get to build your potential on your own.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to school, but don’t take school more serious than your life.

Don’t think you can’t make it if you don’t go to school.

And I’m also saying this so that you can know where school has failed and bridge the gap on your own.

5 Ways to Avoid Falling Victim

1. Know why you want to go to school

Many people went to school for certification, so that they could find better opportunities that is already created by some other people, but not to create opportunity for themselves and for other people to benefit from.

If that is your mindset, you automatically have nothing to offer or give back to the people.

Because people with that mindset never start a thing. They follow the crowd, and they are never exceptional.

Meanwhile, you need no college or university certificate to become exceptional.

If you want to go to school, go with the mindset other than for certification.

2. Study your desired course

Don’t study a course you have no passion or burning desire for, because:

  • your friends are going to school, and you also want to go to school
  • you don’t want to waste time staying at home. Though, I  also made similar mistake.

And that’s because you think you can’t start anything without school.

If school refused to give you your desired course, don’t accept any other option no matter how many years it will cost you.

And If you think it will waste your time, I want you to know that:

  • there’s no age limit for school.
  • you need no certificate to start your business
  • and you may not need school to get the education you want – you can learn many things on your own.

And if you’re the one who doesn’t meet the requirement to study your desired course, go back and study hard.

3. Don’t separate academic studies from life

Because school will never teach you what you need in real life. It’s your job to fill up the space.

While still in school, start something relating to your field of study, or always apply for internship in any firm that practice your major, whenever you’re on holidays.

This will not only add to your experience, but also open you to reality.

4. Have a side hustle

This is very much important. It’s part of what will make you exceptional.

Start something around your passion. Start something that will add value to other people.

Think of how you can help people with what you have. And start.

It’s might not necessarily be a location dependent. You can start your side hustle online, that will even save you money. Just learn the skills required, and off you go.

You can check out Chris Guillebeau’s book, $100 Startup. It will explain more on how to build a business around your passion with little or no startup capital.

5. Build your potential

Learn a skill. Learn new things. Learn as much as you can.

Education doesn’t end in school.

There are so many things there is to learn.

Through self-directed learning, you can learn just about anything online for free.

This guide will help you become a self-directed learner: A Definitive Guide to Becoming a Self-directed Learner

Learn how to write, learn how to code, learn how to start a blog, learn how to start a business. Just keep building yourself.

If you do this, you will never have the feeling that you wasted your time going to school.

Trust me.

I agree
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