Early this year, the idea struck me when I saw an ad of a vendor selling ebooks on Facebook. Well, I don’t know if that’s legal. 

So I thought I could do the same, but instead of selling ebooks, mine would be to give out free downloadable ebooks  for free.

Over the years, I’ve been obsessed with books, especially books that are life changing.

I love buying books, until I learnt I could download some of those books for free online. And that’s exactly the limelight of how I started to become obsessed with books.

This has been part of my daily activities, in fact my hobby, to download ebooks more than I could read.

So I see as an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. However, I created the  Facebook page; Online eBook Vendor.

The Problem to be Solved
I learnt part of the obstacles preventing people from reading is the easy access to books. I noticed average number of people would read books if they find one.

And I noticed many people don’t even know how eBook works. Or how to start reading ebooks on their smartphone.
The Big Problem to be Solved 

In Nigeria, many of us have mistaken school for education. We believe education ends in school. Therefore many of us don’t read or delve into self development knowledge.

Well, that’s part of the reasons why this blog was created.
How The Page Works

The Online eBook Vendor page serves as an avenue to help people have easy access to ebooks for free.

People will give me the book title and the author’s name. I will search for the book online to see if it’s something I could download free. If I can’t, I recommend another book for them.


I’m presently working on a guide to teaching people how search and download free ebooks online. 

Another thing I’m presently working on is to extend the purpose of the page. I don’t want it to focus on just ebooks, I want to make it an avenue where people can find the resources for self directed learning.

I promise to keep you updated has I progress.