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Reasons Why School Waste Time: 5 Ways Not to Fall Victim

Many people already know what it is they wanted to become in life, but never do anything to follow their dreams because they think they first have to go to school.

And at the end, after graduation, they feel like they just went to school to waste their time. read more

2 Effective Communication Skills Every Self-directed Learner Should Take Seriously


After conducting courses at the Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia, and also for the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers — with approximately more than one thousand, five hundred Engineers.

Dale Carnegie was able discovered that the Engineers who passed through his courses came because they realized that the highest-paid personnel in engineering ain’t those who know the most about engineering. read more

Beginner’s Guide to Self-directed Learning

self-directed learning

I’m yet to meet someone who never wish he could learn how to do a thing or perhaps have certain experience.

Oftentimes I hear people say something like: “How I wish I could learn web designing. Or how good it would have be if I could know how to swim.” read more

7 Things to Know Before Following Your Path

7 Things to Know Before Following Your Path

Now you’re ready. I know you’ve always wanted to follow your path and live a freedom lifestyle, but don’t know to go about it.

And now you feel this is the right moment to take the action. read more

You Don’t Need a College or University Certificate to Be Exceptional. This Is What You Need Instead

exceptional guy

It sounds so disgusting when people say, “to become something in life, you first have to go to school”.

Whenever I hear people say that, the question that always popped into my mind is, “how or why on earth is school the only pathway to a successful life?” read more