One Thing that, if You Do, Will Set You Apart and Make You Exceptional


In the last post, I defined freedom lifestyle as an act of following your own path in doing what you are most passionate about, and at the same time making a difference in the lives of other.

Sometimes ago after publishing the post.

I was reading a book by Seth Godin, titled, “The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?”,

In that book, Seth said, “freedom isn’t the ability to do whatever you want. It’s the willingness to do whatever you want”.

From that definition, the word “Willingness” is what I found especially intriguing. In fact, I wish I had added it to my own definition.

Because all this while, I’ve always wonder why people often choose to follow the crowd toward the wrong path, even when they are aware of the right path to take.

Everybody knows there’s no job. We all know the employees are in pain.

They have no freedom. They are underpaid. And they are overworked.

Plus, we also know that’s not the only way, that there’s another way. A better one.

And not that we aren’t aware of it. Not that we don’t know its benefit. And not that we don’t wish to live such life.

In fact everybody wanted it. We all wished for it. But unfortunately, not everyone is willing to do it. Only a few will.

There’s nothing stopping us, but because we lack the will-to-do. And the lack of the will-to-do comes with various excuses:

• Where would I get the startup capital?
• What if I failed?
• For how long will I wait?
• What can I start?

It goes on like that.

Funny enough, many successful starters also had this same thought, but they never let it stop them.

And that’s what make them exceptional.

The truth is, you can never predict your success, unless you get to the start point.

So how do you get started? How can you become exceptional and start living a freedom lifestyle?

Being exceptional is just as being a nonconformist.

So, to do anything exceptional, you first have to detach yourself from the crowd. Not by running away from people.

But by paying close attention to every tiny decisions you make on daily basis. It’s added up to what you are today.

When making decisions always ask yourself:

• Is what I’m about to do really for me, or because it’s what everybody else is doing it?

• Am I doing this because I wanted to, or because I have to?

Never give a damn about what people might think. Do what you want to do, and not what people expected you to do. And never do a thing just because it’s what everybody else is doing.

This is the fundamental of being exceptional; to get your mindset right on track.

Yes, that’s the first stage. So how can you start living a freedom lifestyle?

How can you be your own business, have total control over your time and money, travel anywhere you want to, do anything you want to do, and at the same time make the world a better place by adding value to people?

It’s very simple. What makes this people what the are, is the fact that they follow their path in doing what they are most passionate about.

You can call this people entrepreneur, self-employee, business starter, coach, or whichever way you like to call them.

But there’s one thing this people have in common. And that thing is what set them free, and direct them in following their own path.

Luckily for you, It’s what you can also do.

Start Something

Yes, that’s the one thing that will set you apart.

Starting is doing. That’s the only password to freedom.

Many people have become idle, both mentally and physically.

Having graduated from school, all they wanted is a ready-made job. Thinking their certificate is the only way to success.

Meanwhile, this has rendered many people useless in the society. They only focus on receiving without having anything to give in return.

Starting something isn’t about what you can offer to the people you work for.

It’s about what you can offer to the people around you without the supervision of an external body.

And starting things might or might not necessarily be in terms of business venture, or in exchange for money. Well, that depend on your choice.

But what’s most especially important is that, it must add value to people. Or solve a problem.

For instance, I love reading good books, and I used to buy them until I discovered I can download some online for free.

As a result, I have more ebooks in my database than I could read.

So, I created a Facebook fan page where I give out ebooks to people for free.

Because I know there are people out who also need those books. Which by giving it out would also add value to them.

So now it’s your turn.

What do you like? What do you know? What’s your hobby? And what’s your obsession?

What can you start, or create around those things?

Here’s a guide.

  • Have a skill

Exceptional people always build their business around their skills.

What skill do you have?

And if you think you have none, why not learn one?

Learning a new skill can’t take you more than six months. And it won’t stop you from what you’ve already been doing, or take anything away from you.

In fact there are thousands of free self-paced courses you can take online. It’s just left for you to know the exact skill you want to learn.

Now think of a skill you have passion for. Not just that. Also ensure whatever skill you want to learn is demanding and marketable.

  • Be Educated

I’m not saying you should go back to school.

Many people always have this thought that education ends in school, and they never try to learn new things, especially what’s outside their scope.

Here I’m talking about self developmental knowledge, which happens through the reading of books and listening to audios, or attending seminars.

You have to keep growing and expanding your mind everyday. You must be receptive to learning. You must cultivate the habit of reading books. It’s very important.

I haven’t seen any influential people, both in the past and present, who isn’t a reader of books.

You have to keep learning, unlearning, and relearning.

Knowledge is very important. It is the greatest gift you could ever have.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books that have been written just for you.

And luckily for you, you can download some of them online for free. Only for you to just click the search button, and there you have it.

The question to ask yourself is, “what is it do I want to know about?” And you have it.

I’ve already written an article on that to help you cultivate the reading habit.

  • Teach

If you’re still not sure about what to start, start by teaching what you know. This is the most profitable business you can start with.

You don’t have to do yours in the traditional way.

You can start a blog about teaching a subject. Or you might do that creating a WhatsApp group. Just think of any platform you’re most convenient with.

That’s why I said earlier that you should learn something, either a skill or a subject, that is demanding. Something other people are willing to know, or have.

Or something that solve a problem.

You’re enough to set yourself apart from the crowd, that’s why you first have to be exceptional.

You don’t need any certificate. You’re enough to do it.

Just do something.

And start now.

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