No. 1 Reason Why Nigeria Has a Higher Number of Unemployment

I’m very sure the majority of Nigerians would say the government is the reason why we have a higher number of unemployment in the country.

Everybody blames the government for everything. Most especially for not creating enough employment opportunity to go round.

Meanwhile over the years, various attempts has been taken to combat this problem. The introduction of Entrepreneurship Education into the academic curricula is one of them. Which was primarily focused to reduce unemployment in the country.

And I must confess this is one of the best thing the government has ever done.

Instead, the rate of graduate roaming the street keep on increasing. People begging for job.

The government has given us the best opportunity, but I guess what everybody want is a ready-made job.

To me the problem isn’t about the government’s incapability to create enough employment to go round. But the problem is; “why must we all focus on one direction? Why do we love competing, when w can create our own wealth?”

Aside the fact that there isn’t enough job opportunity, the lifestyle of the majority of those employed is enough to discourage us from ever thinking of becoming an employee.

I mean for those who want to set their own rules, take charge of their life, and live a freedom lifestyle.

However, with all these, I expected everyone to be wise enough to create and follow their own path, and never minding the government or anyone.

And the truth is, for anyone who chooses to be an employee will always find himself complaining and blaming people for every circumstances he find himself.

Though I used to blame people for this: for not walking their own path and living a freedom lifestyle.

But I later discovered It’s nobody’s fault: we weren’t given the true orientation.

I’m very sure we can remember the advice given to us while making decision on the course we were to study in the university.

Okay let me hint you. Most of our decisions are always based on these three main factors. Which are:
• Passion
• Earning Potential
• Self-employability

Meanwhile, there’s one thing I found very common in all these three factors. Everything is all about you, the personal pronoun “I” and “Me”.

For instance one will often say, “I want to study a course I’m most passionate about, which will earn ME more income, or which I can self-establish MYSELF”.

We focus only on our own personal benefit. And that one thing is the reason why we have an ever increasing number of unemployment in Nigeria.

We are contributing nothing to the development of the society, and expecting the government to do everything.

I’m not saying it’s wrong placing our decision on those three factors. But there’s one more thing that is missing, which is the fourth factors, and it is the most important factor of all.

Which I called: Social Interest.

If you read the biography of any influential person, most of their achievement are based on helping people or solving a social problem.

How many times have you ever heard someone saying frankly that he is studying a particular course in order to solve a particular social problem? Except for those in health/medical line.

We never think about how we can make Nigeria a better place to live.

All we want is a ready made job with a good pay.

Why do you think we always find, for instance someone who studied Agricultural Science working in a bank?

This can be seen everywhere. We are only concern about money.

You might be thinking what exactly is this guy saying, but I must tell you this the hard truth.

And I’m very sure anyone who thinks about helping people or solving a problem to make the world a better place will never compete, but rather create his own path.

He would find his way, and if he can’t do it all alone, he will support or join those who have the same dream as his.

It’s time we carry on our head responsibility to make Nigeria a better place.

You don’t have to do something big as an individual, just do something small, and that small thing will each add up to become something big.

If we can only have, on yearly basis, just 40% of graduates creating job opportunity, that will add up to something.

See, there’s one miraculous thing about our thought.

We become what we think about.

Our action are the sum total of our thought. Either conscious or unconscious.

And I can similarly say our individual thoughts makes Nigeria what it is today.

Now is the right time to reconstruct our thought, and focus on how we can have an impact in the society. It’s for nobody’s benefit, but for us.

People make up a country, and by helping each other, we are indirectly helping the country.

The government can only try their best, but cannot create for us the life we wanted.

Don’t let’s waste time complaining and blaming the government, they only have little to do.

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. ” –John F. Kennedy

Let’s add our own little effort. It might not necessarily be a creation of opportunity, but something little that could contribute to the development of the society. And make Nigeria a better place.

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