My Bird Is About to Attain Freedom

caged bird

I’ve read countless stories about birds, but the one I found most interesting is about a hunter found an egg, that of the hawk, took it home, and placed under a poultry bird for hatching.

Lucky enough, the egg was hatched together with the other eggs that belong to the poultry bird. And the hawk grew up believing the mother hen is his mother.

This hawk never realized he could fly, until one morning when he saw another hawk of his type chilling at the topmost of the tree.

Firstly, he was skeptical about how the hawk got to the top of the tree: he wished he could do the same.

And secondly, he realized they both resembled each other.

But the hawk on the tree flew away before the one on the ground could question how he got to the top of tree.

The poultry hawk kept running after the flying hawk in an attempt to call him back. In so doing, he realized he could also fly, he spread his wings, and together they both flew away.

But my own story is quite different; it’s about a lost baby-bird who was picked up, out of pity, by a hunter to provide for the bird food and shelter.

However, he kept this little bird in a cage till he grew wings that he could fly and live independently, yet the hunter refused to release bird.

The hunter thought he’s doing the bird good.

Upon every attempt made by this bird to fly, the cage kept pushing him right back to the ground.

Meanwhile, this always caused the bird so much pain, even more when he saw other birds flying high up in the sky.

For all his live, freedom has always been all he cried for. The freedom to live to the fullest of his potential.

I try to put myself in the same shoe with that of this bird for a moment, trying to imagine the pain the bird went through since the day he knew he could fly.

Sincerely, that same pain is what I’m experiencing right now. I want to fly, my wings are grown. And I want to live to my fullest potential.

And now another year has gone. Seriously I just feel like breaking something right now.

I feel like hitting a glass cup against the wall, stab this article with this pen in my hand, scatter my clothes, kick anything I could: I mean, I just want to break something.

But I won’t break anything, because I just realized for every day that passes, the closer I am to attaining my freedom.

So I’m left with “now” and luckily for me, it’s a new beginning.

And I’m happy right now because my freedom is certain and the time is nearer than I could ever imagine: my bird is about to be set free and fly up in the sky.

Yes, today, 2nd of June, marks my day, and I have so much to be thankful for.

So much that all I could say is “Alhamdulillah”. I thank God for my family, friends, and for my life. And lastly, I thank you all for making my day.

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