More Than 80% of People in the fashion Industry Gave up Their Career for fashion. I’m Also One of Them

More Than 80% of People in the fashion Industry Gave up Their Career for fashion. I’m Also One of Them

Ayinke Ara is a computer engineer, but now she owns a fashion house in Port Harcourt.

Kara Modest gave up her Linguistic career to become a full time fashion designer.

Qute Feminine studied English, but now she owns a strong brand on corporate wears.

B Bera is the smartest, she’s currently studying Public Administration, and also own a big fashion house in Ilorin.

De’leke is studied Agricultural Science, but he’s now a full time fashion designer.

Not that something is wrong with this idea, in fact I’m happy about it.

I’m happy because we decided not wait to be picked. Not to settle down for meaningless jobs.

And I’m happy because we set out to make meaning and add value to people’s lives.

I know you have this same story too, likewise me.

I gave up chemistry for fashion. It was a year before my final that I realized the course was going to take me nowhere.

Like I’m just going to end up just like everybody else, looking for job. And not just even a dream job, but any job.

And I’m more after making meaning, contributing something, and adding value.

But then, I had two options:

1. To try my best to stand out from the crowd.
2. Or to completely avoid the crowd.

And standing out from crowd wasn’t my option.

Because that would result to me trying to get good grades or probably go for my Master’s program so that I can stand a better chance to get an offer.

But that doesn’t work anymore. There are many graduates out there who have good grades with Master’s degree, and yet they are jobless.

Never to get close to the crowd was the path I chose; to totally avoid the crowd.

And this would mean starting something that matters, doing what I love, and creating my own opportunity.

In fact, I never had it in mind that I was going to venture into fashion, though I have little knowledge about fashion designing, it’s not enough to call myself a fashion designer.

I only learned the skills because of the reasons I mentioned here.

And I also because I thought that if things don’t work out the way I envisioned, I would have something to fall back on.

But what I was actually after is to learn the necessary skills that would make me indispensable. Something more than just the fashion designing skills.

And this is what I did:

  • I listed out required skills that would make me indispensable. Among them are communication skills, digital skills, business skills, learning skills etc.
  • And I took charge of my own education, instead of just reading school notes, I got busy reading books and taking courses that would help me achieve this purpose.

And that’s what got me here today.

I know your story is no different.

And I would like to hear your story.

Kindly tell us the career you give up for Fashion.

You can do that at the comment section below.

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