Just Google It, and It Shall Be Given Unto You

“Google it” is the answer we get when we ask people dumb questions. And this has always been one of the trending sayings over the years.

As funny as that might sound, it’s the best answer anyone can ever give to you. “Just google”.

Growing up as a gentle guy, helping people has always been my greatest joy. I literally help people with everything I have; giving answers to their questions, providing solutions to their problems, or solving problems together with people.

There are times people asked me questions which I have no knowledge about. But I don’t tell them I have not any knowledge about the question, instead all I usually do was to google it out. I will absorb the information, and then give them what they asked for.

With that, I get to learn more.

But what always gives me much concern is the fact that, it take the same energy and time for people to ask me questions which would have been better asking google for themselves.

Because I only give out summaries or the best way I understood what this people asked of me. While asking google by themselves would have given them everything they need to know.

Though, some professional people don’t have the time, they are too busy doing something else, meanwhile they prefer to hire people by substituting their time with money.

Well that’s fine, and that’s why we are called freelancers: to help such people.

Here I’m not focusing on this kind of people. But to those people who run around the web without a specific purpose. People who waste their precious time online without achieving or learning a thing.

What do you want hand writing with a black mark on a transparent

So. . .

What do you want to know about?

The only place to ask dumb questions without feeling embarrassed is Google.com.

Aside that, it’s the only place where your dumb questions can be answered without making you feel stupid.

All these years, I had taken some writing jobs, in which I knew nothing about. All I did then was to google the niche of the job given to me, get the right information, see what other people has done about it and how they did it. Then sit down and get mine done as well.

What do you want to learn about?

Just google it. The common saying was, “if education is expensive, try ignorance”. But now that education is free, yet people are ignorant.

Now everything is free. You can learn just about anything online at no cost. Just ask Google what you want, and it’s there right in front of you.

“Ask, and it shall be given unto you”.

Everything about this blog, my writing skills, in fact, most of what I am today was acquired asking Google for the right information.

And now to the real question.  .  .

What exactly do you want?

Internet can be likened to the way we spend our life. Most people run around the web with no specific purpose. They go from one social media to another with no aiming point.

And you can’t just hit the Google’s search button without a purpose.

Purpose start with a desire for something, regardless of whether you know how to do that thing or not. Then followed by seeking for the right information about that thing. And lastly, putting it into execution.

However, now you must ask yourself, “what exactly do I love, and want to know, or learn more about?” Then go ahead and google it.

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