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I Never Wanted to Go for My National Youth Service and Why I Finally Did

I uploaded two short videos yesterday on my WhatsApp status (you can also find the videos here), expressing my feelings, while I was at the park. And many people misquoted me, while some other people criticized me.

Many people were saying that they could see how happy I was. Like I was extremely happy or overjoyed because of the NYSC thing. But I guess you might be wrong.

Another set of people criticized me, and here is a screenshot of one.

This is what she says:

“What’s the meaning? I’ve said it. We’ve know your type. You are one those who will never change their cloth again, and decided only NYSC cloth everywhere you go. Chai, he’s also introducing mum and dad, what a petty, for service now, anyway, wish you safe trip.”

I don’t know what she was thinking, and I don’t care to know.

The thing is, going for my National Youth Service was never the reason why I was happy.

To me, going for National Youth Service is a waste of time, especially for people who already know where they are heading, or have something great they are doing. And I guess I fall into this group.

I don’t have to go for my Youth Service before I could serve my country.

Serving my country is more or less about making a difference in the lives of others. Adding value to other people. And that has always been my mission.

So if you can think of anything you can do that would add value to people, you’re already serving your country. And if what you do make difference in the lives of other people outside your country, then you’re serving the world.

I never wanted to go for my National Youth Service because I’m already serving my country, and I don’t need anybody’s permission to do that.

Going for my National Youth Service will definitely waste my time, and direct my focus from my own mission. I might even ended up not loving it, because I won’t have the right to choose my own primary assignment.

But why did I finally chose to accept the clarion call?

I have done thorough thinking about this for all long time before accepting the offer.

Here’s the reason why.

My first audience are people with the same profile like me (young graduates). And from the research I made, I discovered many of these graduates are still unaware of the unconventional life – many don’t know how or what it means to live a freedom lifestyle.

And as I’ve said in this post, that this is more or less a quest for me. Therefore, this will be the perfect time to relate with my audience, and I’m very sure they are already waiting for me.

Aside the reason I just stated, I was also happy because I was given Rivers State. And I’ve always been mooning about going there: for no specific reason.

Therefore this quest will also give me an opportunity to live in a state that isn’t my tribe. I just can’t wait to face the challenges and have the experience of what it’s going to feel like.

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