Ten Unique Qualities I Inherited From My Mum Which Help Shaped My Life

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KsMatins and Mum

Yes, I’ve heard many people say that their mum is the best mum in the world. But they always failed to state exactly those unique qualities that makes their mum so special. Not that they usually don’t have anything to say, but they always say things that naturally qualifies all mums: “my mum is caring, loving, and so on like”. Well to me, all mums are caring and loving.

So today I’m going to tell you not how special my mum is, nor how she’s the best mum in the world, all mums are the best though, but I would rather tell you those unique qualities I inherited from her which has helped and shaped my of life.

I know many would have been thinking why on earth am I dedicating this article to her. Well, to come straight, today is her birthday, and I want to make it a special one for her. All these years, I only write stuff like this for her to read. I will just draft it in a piece of paper and present it to her. But this year’s won’t be for her only to read, but for the whole world. read more


My Bird Is About to Attain Freedom

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caged bird

I’ve read countless stories about birds, but the one I found most interesting is about a hunter found an egg, that of the hawk, took it home, and placed under a poultry bird for hatching.

Lucky enough, the egg was hatched together with the other eggs that belong to the poultry bird. And the hawk grew up believing the mother hen is his mother. read more