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Annual Review: How to Make Next Year Better Than Your Previous Years

Make Next Year Better Than the Previous Years

Are you ready to make next year better than your previous years?

I could remember how heartbroken I was during this time last year. read more

Beginner’s Guide to Developing a Reading Habit

Beginner guide to developing a reading habit

I seriously hate reading.

Like so many people, I hate reading books that have things to do with my academics. read more

Announcement: I’ve Been Deployed to Rivers State for my National Youth Service

It’s 03:55am and I just can’t sleep. I’m equally excited and nervous. In fact I can think but I just have to do this. 

Three days ago while I was fast asleep, my brother woke me up around 12:30am to share me the good news that I’ve been posted to Rivers State for my National Youth Service (NYSC 2017 Stream 1, Batch B).

Rivers state has always been my desire state to serve. I’ve always wanted this three years prior to this year. read more

How I Almost Killed My Dream as a Wannabe Writer 

Kill dream wannabe writer

Reasons Why School Waste Time: 5 Ways Not to Fall Victim

Many people already know what it is they wanted to become in life, but never do anything to follow their dreams because they think they first have to go to school.

And at the end, after graduation, they feel like they just went to school to waste their time. read more