5 Effective Ways to Get Yourself Prepared for the Year 2017

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new_year2As we are in the last month of the year, I so know many of us are impatient to live the new year, and are also in great anticipation that next year will be better than the previous ones.

But for this to happen, there are things that need to be done to get prepared for the coming year, and to receive its full benefit.

However here are 5 effective ways to get prepared for the year 2017. read more


No. 1 Reason Why Nigeria Has a Higher Number of Unemployment

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Job-Queue.jpegI’m very sure the majority of Nigerians would say the government is the reason why we have a higher number of unemployment in the country.

Everybody blames the government for everything. Most especially for not creating enough employment opportunity to go round.

Meanwhile over the years, various attempts has been taken to combat this problem. The introduction of Entrepreneurship Education into the academic curricula is one of them. Which was primarily focused to reduce unemployment in the country. read more


Who Says You Don’t Have a Talent?

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Who Say You Don't Have a Talent?
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What if I ask you, “what talent have you?” Or “what does talent mean to you?”

Obviously majority of people I’ve come in contact with always find this question difficult to answer. Some will boldly say, “I don’t think I have any”, even though they did have. While others will tell you what talent theirs is, but with a tone of doubt; trying to prevent not to look awful saying nothing.

The truth is, there isn’t anyone without talent. But the problem is, majority of us think talent is limited to sport, singing, dancing, acting, and the likes. So people simply concluded that they are not talented because they can’t do all those aforementioned. Whereas, talent can be anything. Just anything. Only that we are too busy to focus within to recognize what talent we possess. read more