Annual Review: How to Make Next Year Better Than Your Previous Years


Are you ready to make next year better than your previous years?

I could remember how heartbroken I was during this time last year.

I was busy reflecting on how I spent my last 11 months. And sadly enough, I had nothing to write home about. I spent the whole year on autopilot.

Instead of making things happen, I allowed things to happened to me.

It’s was at that point I told myself that I’m going to make the year 2017 better than my previous years. To start working towards a worthy goal.

But then, I don’t know how to go about setting ideal goals for myself, so I did little research, and I ended up with an article by Chris Guillebeau that showed me step by step process on how to set a perfect goal.

Chris is one of my favorite authors, in fact he’s my mentor. And aside his blog, I’ve read many of his books, like:

I therefore emulated the model has he explained in that article, and today I’m happy. I can boldly point out to some of the things I set out to achieve, which I ended up achieving. Though I also failed on some things, I’m still happy.

For instance, I challenged myself to read 50 life-changing books, but sadly enough, I ended up reading just 25 books, you can check it up here.

Even though I failed on that, this year (2017) marked the year I read the highest number of books.

It’s not just about the success, but all about the process.

There’s no such happiness as working toward achieving a worthy ideal, even if you ended up with failure or success.

And right now, I’ve also been doing my annual review since the past few days, using that same method I used last year to set another goal toward next year.

I don’t want to know how you spent your last 11 months, but I’m certain that you definitely want to make your next year better than your previous years.

You know what? Now is the perfect time to start setting your goals. Don’t wait till next year.

And if you therefore don’t know how to go about making that happen, I will advise you read this article.

Click this link.

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