I’m Kola-Sokan Matins Bodunrin (Abdulmateen).

Let me brief you a story about me.

Once upon a time when I was an undergraduate, I always wanted to dropout.

I studied chemistry, but I was closer to my final year before I realized the course wasn’t for me–I never saw my future self wearing lab coat.

Interestingly enough, I was able to graduate a year after my mates had graduated, and it was with an honor of the best poor student (that’s too bad of me).

And all this happened not because I was a dullard or I never read, but it all happened because, while my mates were busy facing their studies, I was fully engaged with something else entirely.

I realized, at a point, that school wasn’t enough. And that school can’t offer me the kind of education I wanted for myself – it can’t help me become who I wanted to become.

All I wanted was simple:

  1. To create and follow my own path.
  2. ‎To live a freedom lifestyle and make positive difference in the lives of others.

So I took charge of me own education; I started learning and developing remarkable skills I know would help me become exceptional and indispensable at the other side of the school wall.

So, Why This Blog?

Many of us has been inundated and brainwashed with false believes.

We have been conditioned to follow rules. To follow the crowd. To maintain the status quo. To wait to be picked. And to always fight to fit in.

Now we are scared to stand up, to step out and to follow our own path.

And this has done to us more harm than good. It has limited our own believe to do greatness.

Yes, all this happened because we failed on our own path to test reality and not what someone has decided for us to be the truth.

So this blog is here to un-brainwash you. And to give you insight on how to live an exceptional lifestyle.