About Me

Hi, I’m Kola-Sokan Matins Bodunrin, but I like to call myself KsMatins Bodunrin for the sake of my creativity. I’m a writer, an entrepreneur, and a personal development savvy based in Ib City, Nigeria.

I love two things the most: writing and helping people. I love to be part of the reason why people are happy. And my love for writing grew stronger when discovered I could help people more with my writing skills.

And this is exactly what gave birth to this blog.

So what help do I want to offer to you and why do they need my help?

I discovered earlier in life that I have a freedom lifestyle. I love to do things in my own terms: to be self dependent.

Having recognized such attitude in me, I knew my main objectives was to find my purpose and develop my potential.

However, I devoted myself to self developmental growth since the last 5years. Read as many books as I could lay my hands on, and listen to audio lectures, which were majorly focused on personal development, and entrepreneurship. And I still do.

During my exploration, I started to reflect not only on myself, but also on how I could help people, especially those from the part of the world I found myself: Nigeria.

I knew there is a place for me, and I have my own part to play as an individual.

I want freedom and I want the same for people.

But before we go further, how are you sure this blog is for you?

Yes, it’s for you and anyone who wants to live an independent life, make money doing what he loves, and live a successful life.

Therefore, this is how this blog will help you through with these three main channels to living a freedom lifestyle: a lifestyle for every man.

  1. On being a non-conformist

This blog will help and build in you the courage to do things in your terms, to have confidence in yourself, and to live a Freedom Lifestyle doing your own thing and following your own path.

  1. Self-dependability

Help you focus on yourself from within, realize your hidden potential, and build a successful career doing what you love.

  1. Self-developmental growth

To live a Freedom Lifestyle requires self-developmental knowledge. The key to living a conscious and a successful life.

So, now what?

Just prepare your mind has I work you through. And never forget that all I can do is to encourage you. 90% of the job depends greatly upon you. Don’t worry, it’s going to be fun. Challenging at the same.

And don’t forget what I said: “just prepare your mind”.

Some other things about me. . .

I do freelance writing; helping other busy bloggers write compelling articles and blog posts. And with any assignment relating to writing, editing, proofreading, researching, moderating, and entry jobs.

You can as well hire me for any of the above. I would be willing to help.

If I’m not reading, writing, or thinking, I would be listening to Direct Line Series, by Earl Nightingale; or Freedom Series, by Bob Proctor.

Thank you.

 KsMatins Bodunrin