5 Effective Ways to Get Yourself Prepared for the Year 2017

As we are in the last month of the year, I so know many of us are impatient to live the new year, and are also in great anticipation that next year will be better than the previous ones.

But for this to happen, there are things that need to be done to get prepared for the coming year, and to receive its full benefit.

However here are 5 effective ways to get prepared for the year 2017.

1. Express Gratitude
There is a number of scientific evidence that speaks about the importance of showing gratitude, many books as been written on this subject, and a lot of success stories has proven the authenticity of the act.

The act of showing gratitude can also be traced back to our religious books. For instance, God said in His Holy Book that, “..if you are grateful, I will add more favors unto you.” (Quran 14:7).

So, expressing gratitude to your Creator is first and the most important. He gave you all you have in life.

Meaning if you thank Him for everything thing He has done, He will surely give you more of it.

And it is also very important to show gratitude to those who are especially dear to you, and to those who have helped and make positive impact in your life. This might include your parents, friends, teachers, mentors and so on.

Action steps:

For the rest of 2016, write down those things you’re most especially grateful for. Write as many as you can remember.

List the names of people who have helped you along the way, and send them gratitude letters, stating specifically how they’ve contributed to your life positively.

2. Reflect on your previous years
We’re consciously or unconsciously working toward achieving, at least, a goal. But it would be a great privilege for anyone who is deliberately working toward a predetermined goal.

As Margaret Wheatley said, “Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.”

However this is the time for you to ask yourself the following questions:

Am I able to achieve all I set out to achieve over the past years? What has been my greatest challenges? And how did I managed to crush them?

What accomplishment am I proud of in this past year? What were the major life-lessons I learned this past year?

What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year?

3. Set definite goals
This is also the right time to make your new year revolution. You don’t have to wait till 2017 to do that.

Just go ahead, grab a pen and a paper, write out your goal, and start working toward achieving them immediately.

Action steps:

Where did you see yourself in 5 years time? Start doing now what will make you achieve your goals in 5 years time.

Don’t bombard yourself with too many goals at time. Just take one step at a time and before you know it, you’re there.

4. Schedule your goal
This is especially very important when setting a definite goal. Scheduling your goal gives answer to the question, “when?” And help you stay focused.

However, you must attach the time you wish to achieve your goals at the top of your written-down goals.

5. Stay positive
For whatever that might have happened in the past years, always have it in your mind that this coming year would be better than the previous ones.

Don’t let your past disturb your future, expect good things, and good things will come your way.

Now is the time to take the right action. So just do it.

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