10 Ways Tailors Can Avoid Disappointing Their Customers

Tailors have been tagged many names.

And they are known to disappoint customers.

Some tailors even think disappointment is inevitable. Like it’s a normal way of running a tailoring business.

You see them dodging customers on street, running away from shop, and customers shouting at them every now and then.

I don’t know if this is you.

Well, that’s not the most important right now.

What I’m about to share with will help you avoid disappointing your customers, and foster strong with them.

1. Set a standard for yourself

This will limit the kind of customers who will come to you.

You should know that not everybody should be your customer. And not everybody is worth your standard.

You should create a persona of the kind of customer you’ll be working with.

This will help you streamline your workload, so that you can focus on working with customers that matter.

2. Increase your charges

You can’t do this without also increasing the quality of your service.

Let your customers know what they are paying for.

What many tailors don’t know is that it’s better to work with few customers that would appreciate your work and ready to pay for your high service than having many customers and charging them at low price.

It’s not always about the number of cloth you make. It’s about the number of well paid service you render.

3. Keep proper documentation

Aside a book where you keep customers’ body measurements, it’s a must you also have a book where you keep records of the date customers are to come back for their cloths.

I observed one of the major reason why customers disappoint is that they always forget the deadline.

Don’t always trust your brain on everything.

4. Know your capability

It’s your number one responsibility as a tailor to know how much cloths, garments, or dresses you’re capable of making per day.

This will go a long way to not only save you from having issue with your customers, but also keep your business in good shape.

It will help you know when to accept or decline a customer’s request.

5. Don’t take more than you can swallow

Some tailors find it very hard to decline customers.

You must learn to say no.

There is no crime in declining customers when you know you won’t be able to meet up with deadline.

That particular customer who’s begging you to help him sew his cloth will be the same guy shouting at you when you failed to meet up with deadline.

Make them understand the situation of things on ground.

6. Employ enough workers

Don’t think you can do it all alone. You need helping hands.

It’s never a bad idea to hire competent tailors or seamstress to work alongside with you.

In fact, your business can’t grow without this.

All those famous tailors you’re following on social media have people working for them.

7. Stay organized

Everyone should be assigned a role, and everyone should work in accordance.

Do the right thing at the right time.

8. Charge customers for express service

Some customers are fond of bringing their fabrics at a odd hour. Like telling you they want it sewn the following day, which might not align with your own working schedule.

You have the right to extra-charge them. Because you’ll be either pending another customer’s work in order to attend to theirs, or work extra time to get their work done.

So they deserve to be charged.

9. Keep proper maintenance

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances bring about dissapointment.

Something could happen to the machine, or the generator, or the iron.

And oftentimes, all these things are caused by our own carelessness which might also leads to delayed work.

Always ensure the machine is oiled and serviced, the generator is checked, and always uplug appliances after use to avoid any kind of hazard.

10. Rest

Always create to time to rest so that you won’t breakdown.

That’s one thing I don’t joke with.

Now it’s your turn.

Kindly share with us how you’ve stopped disappointing your customers? Or what other helpful tips do you think could be helpful?

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